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A brief history of "Willing is a Choice"

- Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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When I lived in Chicago in the mid-eighties an Indian fella wearing a suede tasselled coat, walked into the pub I was bar-tending at (Durkins Tavern on Diversy), and asked me for a drink. He said: "May I have a Bud please coyote?", to which I replied: "Who is your coyote, I will crack you one!" (other expletives were used). He smiled at me and said: "I am sorry, but I called you Kayete which is Geronimo the Apache Warriors's real name and you look like he did when he was young." I smiled back and said: "In that case, buy Kayete a drink too and I won't crack you one." - I never did get his name or see him again, but now and again when I get an inspirational thought, I write it down and assume that Kayete inspired me. This may, or may not be true, but in case some of these inspirations are plagiarised, simply nonsense or offend someone, I apologise in advance. On a more serious note though, I have no idea how many of these are mine, or how many I have merely heard and thought they were mine, so bear with me and just enjoy what I call Kayete(isms). All I ask is that you read them / enjoy them / criticise them / agree with ... or not and hope that some of the many words in the book... make a difference. I will never remove any Kayete(isms) but I will from time to time add to or amend them.

Brian Gillham


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- Sunday, March 01, 2015
Those of you who have obtained a book and who are members of the website are entitled to a FREE copy of "Willing is a Choice" in PDF Format. This is a thank you to those who have invested in me and my book. If you are a member click "read more..." to download your copy.

Native American Ten Commandments

- Sunday, February 01, 2015


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